Which Great British Baking Show Baker Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

The Great British Baking Show has always welcomed a huge range of personalities into the tent, and there's a pretty good chance we've all related pretty hard to at least one of them along the way. Every one of these unforgettable contestants has their own fan base, but which one do you connect with most of all? Maybe there's a celestial reason you feel like you have a lot in common with your favorite baker! Just for some sweet fun, we've matched up some of our favorite bakers from several seasons with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Keep reading to see who your best baking match is and if you agree!

Aries: Michael Chakraverty
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Aries: Michael Chakraverty

Michael shares a positive attitude with this fire sign, always approaching every bake with a grin and a quip, regardless of how well the week has gone for him so far. Aries often find additional positive energy in exercise and motion, which put workout instructor Michael even more in line!

Taurus: Frances Quinn

Tauruses are often defined by two overarching traits: an appreciation for the aesthetic things in life, and a fair share of stubbornness. Who else could embody these traits except Frances, who famously created incredibly detailed bakes and stubbornly kept doing so even after the judges warned her to be careful not to get too focused on presentation?

Gemini: Rahul Mandal

Despite being one of the most consistently strong bakers on his season, Rahul seemed constantly nervous and shocked at his own success. Geminis may relate to that kind of anxious nerves and frequent overthinking, plus that creativity and ambition on every task!

Cancer: Jane Beedle

Jane's cozy, compassionate demeanor is a great match for the sensitively-tuned Cancer sign! Throughout her time in the tent, Jane got a reputation for being a good friend to other contestants and often talking about food as something to be shared, which fits right in with Cancer's nurturing nature.

Leo: Candice Brown

You definitely can't ignore a Leo, and Candice's bold bakes (and style sense!) made her impossible to overlook too! Her time in the tent produced some incredibly memorable bakes, and her big personality, like a Leo, kept grabbing the spotlight as much as her baking skill.

Virgo: Ruby Tandoh

Virgos tend to be perfectionists who are super hard on themselves, and no one embodies that more than Ruby! Although she was frequently on edge and pessimistic about her bakes, as it turned out, Ruby was a much stronger baker than she realized — a great thing for Virgos to remember that things aren't as bad as they seem!

Libra: Nadiya Hussain
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Libra: Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya's calm, organized style led her to victory and one of the most successful post-show careers of any contestant. Libras are likely to relate to her balanced approach and relatively unflappable demeanor, which kept her calm under the pressures of the tent.

Scorpio: Helena Garcia
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Scorpio: Helena Garcia

Scorpios are often drawn to all things occult and strange, so who else could it be other than Helena, our favorite spooky baker? Helena's amazingly cool goth aesthetic made her one of the most memorable contestants, and a perfect match for mysterious, eccentric Scorpios.

Sagittarius: David Atherton

At first glance, the under-the-radar David might not seem like a typically adventurous Sagittarius. But with his penchant for brave and unusual flavors and his personal background traveling around the world and working in medicine, it's hard not to think that he shows more Sagittarius traits than you'd think!

Capricorn: Paul Jagger

Like many Capricorns, Paul's time on the show revealed a serious, focused personality and a willingness to put in the hard work. He may have famously made a bread lion, but we think he's a bit too subtle to fit with bold Leos — he's more of a steady personality, which Capricorns can relate to.

Aquarius: Kim-Joy

If you're an Aquarius, you just might have some things in common with Kim-Joy, the cheerfully quirky baker from the 2018 season. Never afraid to show off her off-beat interests and colorful personality, Kim-Joy is unashamedly herself and joyful about it, just like many Aquariuses!

Pisces: Selasi Gbormittah

If any baker could epitomize the laid-back chill of a Pisces, it's Selasi. Famous for being completely unrattled by pretty much anything the tent could throw at him, Selasi just might be the kind of cool-as-a-cucumber icon that Pisces can relate to!