Billy Eichner Teases a "Secret" Cast Member Has Joined American Horror Story Season 8

Trying to nail down concrete details about American Horror Story's upcoming eighth season has been tricky, to say the least. After creator Ryan Murphy teased that it would be set in the future and some internet sleuths deduced the theme would be "Radioactive," Murphy changed tack completely by surprising us with the highly-anticipated Murder House/Coven crossover season that wasn't supposed to happen until next year. Now, it seems Murphy has thrown us yet another curveball, only this time it's about season eight's cast.

So far, a number of Murphy favorites have been confirmed — Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Joan Collins, Leslie Grossman, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter — but apparently a "secret" star is also on board. When actor and comedian Billy Eichner, who appeared in Cult and will also be in the crossover season, shared a recent photo from a cast dinner on Instagram, his caption teased a big surprise is in store for AHS fans.

"With (some of) this season's @ahsfx cast at dinner a few weeks ago...and a secret friend," he wrote under the photo, which covered up the anonymous person with a ghost emoji. "It's gonna be a wild one! Can't wait.... #AHS."

Given Murphy's habit of casting the same handful of actors over and over again, we have a feeling it's either one of his high-profile favorites, or a new, shocking addition. While we can't speak to the latter, there are a number of worthy candidates from past seasons who might be options. Lily Rabe, for instance, was in both Murder House and Coven, as were Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy. Angela Bassett is currently starring on Murphy's Fox series 9-1-1, but we also wouldn't rule out a reappearance from her Coven character, Marie Laveau. We could even see Murder House alums Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott returning!

As usual, it's all still very much up in the air. We likely won't get a solid answer until we get a little closer to season eight's Sept. 12 premiere date, but there's no doubt that whoever it is, they're going to be good.