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5th Grader Shares Why They Want a Guinea Pig

Kid Says Dad Doesn’t "Want Another Living Thing," but I’ll Be Damned If They Don’t Succeed in Getting a Guinea Pig

A very goal-oriented fifth grader is doing the absolute most to make sure their dad really knows just how much they want a pet guinea pig. For a class assignment entitled "I Am . . . ," the elementary student managed to make every single one of the 15 prompts — which were open-ended and meant to be about anything having to do with the child — about guinea pigs.

"I wonder if my dad will let me get a guinea pig," reads the first prompt. A few others that follow read: "I hear Dad saying, 'I don't want another living thing,'" "I see Dad shaking his head," "I feel sad that I don't have a guinea pig," and, one of my personal favorites, "I understand why Dad says no, but I really want a guinea pig."

Listen, it's clear that this kid's dad does not want to add a guinea pig to their family, but I'll be damned if this assignment doesn't inspire some kind of compromise. We're wishing this fifth grader all of the luck in their endeavors — guinea pig-related and otherwise.

Image Source: Unsplash
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