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8 Items to Make New Parenthood a Cinch

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The birth of a child is one of the most awe-inspiring milestones in a new mom’s life — but it’s arguably also the most challenging. As part of our Book of Life series, we partnered with Keurig® to help take the anxiety out of the exciting transition into parenthood so you can truly savor every second.

Parents-to-be love to prepare for their little bundles of joy as best they can, but any new mom will attest that parenthood often requires surprising products they never dreamed they would need. Whether a child prefers an old family quilt in lieu of a fresh new blanket, or the one sound that lulls them to sleep is the car keys instead of a musical mobile, infant care often requires that parents think outside the box during the first month. Moms find a moment of relief from special things, too, like that fellow mom friend who magically has all the answers or the perfect cup of coffee and a quiet moment to enjoy it. If you're planning for your own little miracle, read on to discover the items real moms depended on to keep their newborns and themselves happy during that first month.