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Amy Poehler Talking About Archie on Seth Meyers

Amy Poehler Says the Royal Family Is Copying Her Because She Has an Archie and a Redhead

Amy Poehler was excited to hear what the new royal baby's name would be after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced his arrival earlier in May; that is, until she heard his name is Archie.

Amy, who is mom to two boys, also has an Archie, and now she's a little bit worried the name will become more mainstream — and that the Royal Family is copying her life. On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Amy discussed the topic with Seth, and their riffing back and forth was too hilarious.

"I mean, I am [happy]. . . I love that name," Amy says of the name overlap between her and Meghan. Then Seth bursts her happy bubble. "Are you worried that there's now going to be a wave of Archies? Because it's a pretty cool name you picked that was kind of a little bit obscure and now it might be a little mainstream." After Amy admitted she is a little worried, Seth had a suggestion: "You know what you can do now as a burn? You can start calling yours 'Archie the First,' which might even bump him up in the line of succession."

Amy then gushed about how she actually loves the Royal Family, and how for both her and Seth, who each have two sons, it's kind of the dream to have two boys with a relationship like William and Harry have. But then, Seth came in again with another swift realization: not only does Amy have an Archie, but her younger son is a redhead like Harry, which is a "real crossover." Amy said: "Now that you say it, I really feel like they're copying me!" LOL. Watch the entire hilarious back and forth above.

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