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Baby's Reaction to Hearing His Parents For the First Time

Prepare to Melt at the Exact Moment This Baby Heard His Parents' Voices For the First Time

Baby hears parents' voices for the first time

Baby Archer was born with permanent hearing loss. At three months old, he was fitted for hearing aids. This is the moment he hears his parents for the first time.

Posted by Humankind on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

When their newborn son was just a few weeks old, Taryn and Drew Ruiz found out that baby Archer had permanent hearing loss, but now, at 3 months old, he's hearing his parents for the first time. Drew said that after two long months, their baby boy was finally fitted for hearing aids, and lucky for us, they taped the whole thing so we can witness the exact moment he hears his parents for the very first time.

"He has never really been a fussy baby but until he had his hearing aids fitted he has never been as happy as he was in this video," Drew told Newsflare. "Now he smiles huge every morning when we put his hearing aids on and talk to him."

From the second Archer's hearing aids are put on, you can immediately see his face light up with a smile. Watch the video above and see the magical moment. He cannot stop smiling and neither can we!

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