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Is CBD Oil Safe For Pets?

Why You May Want to Consider CBD Oil For Your Stressed Out Pet

Over the past few months, one of my cats seems to have reached his breaking point. Even though my toddler is gentle and doesn't scratch or pull tails, my cat clearly has had enough toddler energy. While our cat used to play and be the social butterfly of the house, he now hides in the basement and barely gestures toward his favorite toys. The stress, it seems, has been too much. Our vet confirmed as much, but after getting a clean bill of health, we're at a loss of how to manage his anxiety.

Certainly I've heard of pet owners giving their fur babies antidepression medication, but that just seems so extreme. Many of my human friends have been using CBD oil to help with their social anxieties, which made me wonder whether or not it might be right for my cat. But will CBD oil work for pets, and more importantly, is it safe?

POPSUGAR spoke to Chris Husong, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Elixinol, about the benefits and possible risks of CBD oil. "There's really no reason you wouldn't give it to your pet," he said. "CBD returns the body to homeostasis, which is the optimum state for any living creature, including pets. CBD hemp oil is a natural dietary supplement without any psychoactivity or known negative side effects, including overdose."

Since CBD oil has been shown to help with anxiety, it's natural to assume that it may do the same in pets. Beyond the stresses like my cat is experiencing, Husong advocates for CBD oil to be used to help mitigate the symptoms of inflammation. "CBD's anti-inflammatory properties are well documented," he continued. "This is important since chronic inflammation appears to be the cause of many health conditions ranging from the annoying to the serious." So pets that are dealing with joint problems and other health ailments might see some success from a CBD oil treatment.

However, one of the biggest concerns around CBD oil is that not a lot of studies have been done to test the benefits. "Giving your pet any natural dietary supplement is a personal choice, but I would absolutely encourage pet owners to do their own research to determine if it's right for their pet," Husong said. Since CBD oil can be picked up at most major pet stores and online, there's at least a lot of people testing the waters firsthand. Most stores offer a wide selection of CBD treats, oils, and sprays.

As for my cat, the next step will be to talk to my vet and see if beginning small doses of CBD oil is the right move. Hopefully it will keep him from cowering in the cupboards.

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