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Captain Marvel Parents Guide

What Parents Should Know Before Taking Their Kids to See Captain Marvel

CAPTAIN MARVEL, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, 2019.  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /  Marvel / courtesy Everett Collection

It's no secret that Captain Marvel is a groundbreaking movie for Marvel, not only serving as the connective tissue between two Avengers films, but also emerging as the MCU's first solo female-led project. Parents are loving that it's about an empowered female character, which evokes the excitement that they felt for DC's Wonder Woman. If you're wondering whether its battle sequences and language are kid-friendly, we've compiled a guide of things to consider before taking your children to see Captain Marvel.

Warning: minor spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead.

  1. The PG-13 rating is pretty accurate.
    While you won't see drinking, drugs, or sex, Captain Marvel is chock-full of epic sci-fi violence that can be intense and scary. The Kree and the Skrull are at war, after all. The scenes in outer space can be dark in aesthetic and tone, but there's humor sprinkled throughout the movie to lighten the mood. The film's intensity makes it geared more toward tweens and teens, but it can be suitable for younger kids if they can handle battle sequences and minor language.
  2. There's definitely violence.
    The characters use guns and photon weapons similar to the armaments in the Star Wars franchise. Most of the gore is alien blood, and there's not too much of it. That said, there are a lot of alien deaths. As the Skrull and Kree are human-like in personality, this can be sad or frightening for children. Oh, and fans will find out how Nick Fury gets his eye patch, so the squeamish should keep that in mind.
  3. You'll hear some swearing, but it's minor.
    Characters use words such as sh*t, sh*thole, hell, and ass. Though there's some profanity, it's no Goodfellas — you won't encounter any F-bombs. (Except for one instance of "Mother Flerken.") The cussing is kept at a minimum for humor's sake.
  4. There's a scene at a bar.
    We see bottles and beer brands, but there's no actual drinking. It's still worth considering, since a discussion about alcohol may come up.
  5. The movie is fairly long.
    While it's shorter than your average Marvel movie, Captain Marvel still clocks in at two hours and four minutes. Plus, fans will want to stick around for the postcredits scenes, so be sure to take a bathroom break during the previews.
  6. You'll find both role models and diverse representation.
    In Marvel's first solo superheroine film, Brie Larson portrays a fully fleshed female lead. Carol Danvers takes on activities that have been dominated by men on the big screen, such as flying planes and fighting villains. The cast is also racially diverse, with people of color as prominent characters, such as Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, and Minn-Erva.
  7. There are many positive messages to draw from Captain Marvel.
    Beneath the flashy action sequences, you'll find that the movie has an admirable moral compass. Danvers slowly realizes her full potential throughout Captain Marvel and takes a stand to do the right thing in the end. We also hear the characters emphasize ending wars as opposed to fighting in them. While these are tried-and-true themes, they're still good messages to take home.
Image Source: Everett Collection
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