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Chrissy Teigen Tweet About Not Tearing During Second Birth

Apparently Chrissy Teigen's Son Has Already One-Upped Luna For an All-Too-Real Reason

Chrissy Teigen welcomed her second child, a son named Miles, on May 16, and she's already back to making the internet snort-laugh on both Twitter and Instagram with comments about her birth and postpartum experience (she compared her mesh underwear to Korean pears á la Ali Wong's Hard Knock Wife joke). In a tweet three days following Miles's birth, Chrissy took to Twitter to update her followers on her "postpartum life" with an all-too-real comment that will make you both cringe and hysterical laugh.

It's possibly more than we needed to know, but hey, that's Chrissy's overall MO, isn't it? Plus, her tweet inspired a hilarious reply chain that added even more humor to the entire thing.

Keep oversharing, Chrissy — we love you for it.

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