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Did Brie Bella Vaccinate Her Baby?

Brie Bella Completely Changed Her Stance on Vaccines After Having a Kid — and We Don't Blame Her

Before having kids of her own, professional wrestler Brie Bella wasn't exactly sold on the notion of giving babies vaccines. But after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Birdie, Brie had a change of heart when it came to getting her vaccinated. Now that her daughter is 11 months old, she decided to open up about her beliefs surrounding vaccines in honor of World Immunization Week.

"I was someone in the beginning who doubted vaccinations," she said in an interview with People. "But I started educating myself and I started realizing how easy it is for kids to get different diseases and infections that they can't fight off."

Rather than taking the risk of her daughter coming down with an easily preventable, potentially deadly disease, Bella chose to get Birdie all her shots. Although she's aware there's always a possibility of vaccine side effects, she now knows that the chances of those occurring are extremely low.

"As a mother, that really opened up my eyes. The thing people are most scared about are vaccine injuries," she said. "I sat there and thought, 'My daughter can catch something and I'm either dealing with death or a vaccine injury. I'll take vaccine injury over death.'"

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