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Dwayne Johnson on Being a Princess and His Baby's Birth

Dwayne Johnson Says He's "Continuing to Practice" Making a Boy Baby, and Yup, We Just Blushed

Dwayne Johnson, one of the cutest celebrity dads out there, gushed over his third daughter's birth back in April, explaining that he learned that one of the most important things for dads in the delivery room is to support their partners during birth. However, it turns out even he had to take a break from supporting Lauren Hashian to get a peek at his daughter, Tiana, being born.

"I've learned that you always have to be supportive, you've gotta be right there supporting mama. Supporting her with words, I hold hands, I hold legs, I did it all," Johnson said in an interview on Good Morning Britain. "The doctor had said 'would you like to watch . . . ' and then I said, 'No, I'm going to stay up here by the head, I'm gonna stay by mama.' And then I thought, you know what, it's my daughter, my third one, and I said, 'Honey, I'll be right back.' Watching and being a part of that process was amazing."

As for the fact that he's only been able to "make girls," he did admit that he would love to have a son. "Three girls, I'm very blessed. I can't make boys, I don't know why, [but] I know I try. I continue to practice though, that's the thing. Practice makes a boy one day."

The host changed gears a bit, asking Johnson what he thought about the royal wedding, and of course, his answer was very dad-like, as he noted that he's excited for Meghan Markle because of what she allegedly dreamed about when she was a kid.

"It's actually, in a way, perfect when you think about it. I'm assuming, from what I have heard [of] how they met, and her, when she was younger, the things that she would fantasize about, about being a princess one day . . . it's very cool." When asked what he fantasized about as a kid, he said, aptly, "Being a princess."

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