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Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba on Watch What Happens Live

Gabrielle Union Weighs In on Which Kardashian Is the Best Mom, and LOL

You can always count on Andy Cohen to dig deep and ask his talk-show guests some hard-hitting, drama-inducing questions. Such was the case when he invited Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, challenging the L.A.'s Finest costars to a game of "Let's Get Shady, Baby!" The new dad fired off a round of parenting questions for the two celebrity moms, and some of their answers were pretty surprising.

After asking whether they curse in front of their kids and if they've ever judged another mom's parenting skills, Andy asked for their input on which Kardashian is the best mom. Though the question initially threw them off, Gabrielle quickly swooped in with a spot-on answer: Kendall Jenner. Of course, seeing as Kendall is the only kid-less member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Gabrielle's answer is a total joke — and quite the clever save, if we do say so ourselves.

Watch the video above to hear their answers to other queries about letting their children smoke weed, attending parent-teacher conferences while tipsy, and more.

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