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How to Redo Your Laundry Room on a Budget

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Mom's Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

Totally revamping your disorganized laundry room may seem like a daunting task, but one mom is about to give you all the inspiration you need to (finally) dive headfirst into your very own DIY makeover. Kelsey Rose, a mother of one who regularly shares beauty, organization, and decor tips on her YouTube channel, created a video to showcase the jaw-dropping laundry room remodeling job she did for her mother.

Kelsey completely transformed the room from an outdated and cluttered smattering of misplaced items to a "light and airy" space with ample, functional storage. The best part? She barely even broke the bank to get the job done. She visited budget-friendly stores when shopping for her supplies, which included bookshelves and storage boxes from Ikea, a rug and glass containers from Walmart, laundry bins and a cabinet from Target, and wicker baskets from Hobby Lobby.

Watch Kelsey's video above to get some ideas for how to overhaul your laundry room.

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