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Mom Donates Breast Milk to Hurricane Harvey Victims

1 Mom Donated 1,040 Ounces of Her Breast Milk to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Despite the devastation, Hurricane Harvey has reminded us all of the kindness and humanity that everyday Americans possess. Danielle Palmer, a mother of two, decided to help out the victims in a way that only she knew how: by donating her breast milk. On Sept. 2, Palmer shared a heartwarming photo of her breast-milk donation, packaged inside of a cooler, on her Facebook page. "Truett and I just sent 1040 ounces of liquid gold to help momma's [sic] with babies in Texas!" she wrote. "So thankful we are able to help out in this way!" Palmer told USA Today that her 6-month-old son, Truett, is unable to nurse due to a congenital heart defect.

Palmer donated her milk supply to Guiding Star Mid-Missouri — a pregnancy care center — which later shipped it off to mothers with babies dealing with Harvey's aftermath. The generous amount of breast milk was compiled over a period of two months while Palmer was still in the hospital with her son after giving birth to him in February. She continued to pump and freeze her milk, and now families with little ones in Texas will be able to get the aid they most likely need the most. A true hero, indeed!

Image Source: KC Photography / Casey Hartley
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