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Morning Routine of Mom of 2 Children

CrossFit Workouts and Dress-Up Are Standard Fare in This Mom's Morning Routine

Jenny lives in Vermont with her husband, 7-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old son. As a fitness editor here at POPSUGAR, Jenny commutes to her basement and works from home. But until her family is out the door, she's got a lot going on. Here are the details of one recent morning, which involved CrossFit and a Darth Vader costume — in that order.

My Morning Juggle

Wake up to a 7-year-old one inch from my face, loudly whispering, "Mommy, are you awake?! I peed in my bed." I clean her with half a package of wipes, put fresh clothes on her, and have her climb into my bed because changing her sheets at this hour is NOT happening.
I've barely fallen back to sleep when I am abruptly woken up by my 5-year-old son saying, "Mommy, I had a nightmare. I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?" I sadly say, "Sorry, buddy, your sister's in here. There's no more room." I hear nothing, then loud wailing. "OK. OK." I shush him and usher him down the stairs to his room. "I'll sleep with you."
I've been awake next to my warm, snuggly son for the past half hour knowing my alarm is about to go off for CrossFit. I sneak out of my son's bed, head upstairs, quietly get dressed, then head out the door at 5:20.
Me time. Get my ass kicked at CrossFit and I love every minute. Time to drive home.
Walk in my front door totally energized and see the kids eating breakfast. I feel grateful for my husband because without him, I wouldn't be able to get to CrossFit. He hands me a cup of coffee and we immediately switch places so he can go shower. The frantic rush begins.
I remind the kids to eat their breakfast.
Clean up spilled cereal; pour another bowl.
Tell my 7-year-old to stop reading. (I know, it's crazy! She loves reading so much that I have to threaten to take books away because she's always reading instead of doing what she's supposed to!)
Tell the kids to get dressed while I run upstairs to quickly change out of my sweaty workout gear. Come downstairs to see them in dress-up clothes. Ahh! I help them pull off princess dresses and Darth Vader costumes and help them into "real" clothes.
Tell my daughter to brush her teeth. I shove sneakers, snow pants, mittens, a water bottle, and the lunch I made the night before (go me!) in her backpack.
I tell her for the 12th time to get socks on. She throws on her boots, coat, and hat. "It's library day!" my daughter yells. We run to her room, tossing blankets and stuffies all over, until we finally find her three books. These get shoved into her backpack.
Head outside to wait for the bus. Mornings are chilly in Vermont, so I encourage all the kids to run up and down our hilly driveway, do jumping jacks, and run to the tree and back to keep warm.
Bus arrives, I say, "I love you forever," and I kiss her goodbye.
Come inside and my son is still eating breakfast. I realize he's changed his outfit and is now wearing a button-down shirt and a Star Wars tie. Just because.
Tell my son to go brush his teeth. He's in and out of the bathroom in about 20 seconds. "Did you brush your teeth?" He says, "Yes." I say, "Can I go feel your toothbrush? It should be wet if you brushed." He frowns and says, "I'll go brush them again." Good choice, kiddo.
I hand my husband his salad that I meal prepped on Sunday (go me again!). I kiss them both, I say, "I love you," and my husband takes my son to preschool. And now for my commute.
I walk downstairs to my office, open my computer, and start my work day. Everyone made it on time!
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