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News Anchor Invites Little Girl With Natural Hair to Show

How Seeing a News Anchor With Natural Hair Helped This 4-Year-Old "Rock It and Be Proud"

Every morning, 4-year-old Karsyn Jones looks forward to watching news anchor Demetria Obilor report on local traffic. Not because she's particularly interested in hearing about bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway, but because Demetria has hair just like her own. Karsyn's mom, Tiffny Jones, said her daughter will often see the WFAA-TV reporter come on screen and exclaim, "My hair is like Demetria's from TV!"

Tiffny shared the sweet anecdote on Twitter alongside pictures of her bubbly daughter. The tweet received hundreds of "likes" and even caught the attention of Demetria and the television station. Mere days later, Karsyn was invited to tour the set of Demetria's morning segment and celebrate their natural hair.

"I remember growing up, for me, I didn't see any news anchors with curly hair or natural hair," Demetria said in a Facebook Live discussion that followed Karsyn's lively tour of the set. The anchor also shared pictures with her "4-year-old mini me" on Instagram, as well as a snippet of Karsyn making a cameo during her traffic report.

For mom Tiffny, the experience has been invaluable. "Representation in our family, and in society in general, is so important for us," she said on Facebook Live. "I want her to see other people in the media that look just like her for her to just rock it and be proud."

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Posted by WFAA Daybreak on Thursday, February 15, 2018
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