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Parents Send Son a Letter From the Tooth Fairy to Do Chores

These Parents Just Figured Out the Most Genius Way to Use Their Tooth Fairy Powers


Parents are a child's everything, but little do the kids know, their parents are everyone as well — including the Tooth Fairy. In a hilarious text conversation between Elliott's parents, his mom and dad go from discussing the price of his fourth molar to coming up with an entirely intricate and genius plan. They gave him $5 and sent him a letter from "The Offices of Tooth and Fairy" explaining that Elliott needed to start doing the chores he's repeatedly neglected or else they'd come claim his other teeth "by force, if necessary." If Elliott knows what's good for him and his remaining molars, he'd better start making his bed every morning!

Scroll through the hilarious exchange above, and keep going to see the "official" letter and a photo of the toothless recipient.

Image Source: Imgur user phillybits
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