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Princess Diana at School Mother's Day Race

Princess Diana Wasn't Too Cool (or Too Royal) to Kick Ass at Harry's School Events

ENGLAND - 1991:  Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, running in the mothers race on school Sports day in 1991 in England.  (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)

Parents these days can sometimes be a little too involved with their children (you've probably met one on the sidelines at your kids' games), but if there's a time or a place to be fully invested in your little ones, it's at Parents' Day. And if there's a parent to model your participation after, it's Princess Diana.

Back in 1991, the Princess of Wales attended Sports Day (it's a thing in Britain, much like Field Day is in the US) at Wetherby School, where Prince Harry was a student at the time. And Lady Di didn't just show up; she went all in for the mother's race, even taking her shoes off to compete (while wearing a skirt and blazer, no less) in the big event.

Diana appeared intensely focused, pumping her arms and clenching her fists as she raced toward the string finish line. Sure, she was just one of a handful of involved moms competing for elementary school bragging rights, but you can't deny that she appeared 10 times more invested than anyone else.


Of course, Princess Diana's commitment to her son's school race should come as no surprise — there wasn't much she did halfway: philanthropy, motherhood, the list goes on. Plus, it wasn't the first time she'd participated in the event — she almost won in 1989 when William was a student. But, much like her humanitarian work, it can be an inspiration to parents everywhere.

When you've been to your fifth Parents' Day, your 15th fundraiser, or you've stopped counting because you've been so involved, remember Princess Diana's intense facial expression, serious arm swing, and long strides. She wasn't embarrassed or shy, she wasn't too cool (or even too royal), and she wasn't so over the annual school event that she didn't give her best effort. So go out there — to Sports Day or Field Day, or whatever day they're doing these days — and play like a princess.

Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein
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