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Rare Identical Triplets Born in Maryland

This Mom Just Had One of the Rarest Births Doctors Have Ever Seen

It's hard enough to keep track of one baby, let alone twins — but three babies?! Triplets, though rarer than twins, are something that Dr. Victor A. Khouzami, medical director of Women's and Infant Services at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, says his hospital delivers 30 to 40 times a year. His last triplet delivery, though, was a hospital first — identical triplets!

The babies he delivered were Kristen and Tom Hewitt's, who say that during their first ultrasound, Tom joked by asking a suddenly silent technician if there was more than one baby in there — he was unknowingly spot on! Their newborns, Finn, Ollie, and Tripp, are the result of a very rare incidence — a single fertilized egg splitting into three — so rare, in fact, that the chances of it happening naturally, as with the Hewitts, are one in two million.

Though Kristen suffered from preeclampsia — a complication characterized by high blood pressure in an expectant mother, which could be fatal if untreated — a week and a half before going into labor, all three boys are in excellent condition and are now home with their parents and dog, Jersey.

Even though these sweet little guys are being celebrated as a medical rarity (like this set from Montana), Kristen and Tom are likely overwhelmed — however, they're showing their natural savvy with an identical triplet hack: matching color anklets and bracelets to tell the boys apart.

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