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Sweethearts Candy Hearts Won't Be Sold This Valentine's Day, After Iconic 153-Year History

Can it even be the season of love without Sweethearts conversation hearts? Sadly, we're about to find out. Despite being the nation's most popular Valentine's Day candy, as reported by, the original hearts won't be produced ahead of the Feb. 14 holiday this year. While similar conversation hearts exist, the iconic brand is taking a break.

According to Better Homes and Garden, Sweethearts candy hearts were first created in 1866, although the Necco version we love dates back to 1902. Last year, Necco shut down and sold the SweetHearts and Necco Wafers brand to Spangler Candy Company. It used to take Necco 11 months to produce 8 billion conversation hearts, and Spangler simply didn't have enough time to make the candy in 2019.

But don't lose hope! Spangler's CEO said the classic candy hearts will be available again in 2020. In the meantime, we'll be looking for noncandy valentine gifts this year, while our broken hearts heal.

Image Source: Unsplash
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