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Video Shows One Second of Each Day From Preemie's First Year

An Eye-Opening Video Captures 1 Second From Each Day of This Preemie's First Year

When Lillian was born six weeks early, her family hoped for the best, but also mentally prepared for the worst.

While doctors reassured her worried parents that their tiny fighter would be okay, her dad, Brad Mitchell, didn't take any second with Lillian for granted. Despite her initial stay at the hospital, he decided to record videos each day that he and his wife had with their cherished baby, even as it became clearer that the days would turn into years.

"As the days went on, we kept recording, and we decided that no matter how things went, we wanted to be sure we had full documentation of her first year that we could look back on and enjoy, and maybe even one day share with her," Brad told Today.

After her first birthday, Brad compiled the video showing one second from each day of her first year. The video, called "365 Days in 365 Seconds," showcases her amazing transformation from her at the hospital to being surrounded by love on her first birthday. "As you look back, only 30 seconds of the video is being stuck in that hospital, and at the time, it felt just like an eternity," Brad said. "But now that we look back we see hundreds and hundreds of other seconds that followed, it just kind of washes that away."

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