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Ways I Cope With My Child's Disability

5 Things I Do to Cope With My Child's Disability

Ways I Cope With My Child's Disability

My child was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) four years ago. Having a diagnosis that explains your child's behavior provides parents with an incredible sense of relief. However, having a child with a disability also provides parents with an enormous amount of stress and worry, more so than other parents.

There have been times when I stayed up all night worrying about my child and what her future holds. Sometimes, my stress levels are through the roof and my patience wears thin. This results in an emotional breakdown, followed by extreme guilt. My child doesn't deserve this type of behavior from me. What she needs is for me to be her rock and her calm in the storm. So in order to help me cope with my child's disability, and therefore help her, I do these five things.

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