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Why Parents Are OK With Teens Smoking Weed

Would You Rather Your Teen Smoke Pot or Drink Alcohol? You Might Be Surprised What 74% of Parents Said

Source: Unsplash / Ricardo Mancía

Because marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in eight US states and Washington DC so far (and medical use has been legalized in even more), it's been found that middle-age American parents are now slightly more likely to smoke pot than their teens, according to CDC data. With more and more people in those older age groups smoking pot regularly, Project Know — which helps people to understand and treat addictions — decided to explore the way "marijuana [has impacted] their role as parents."

For the report, 1,000 American parents — 500 who smoke and 500 who don't — were polled in regard to how they feel about their children using marijuana recreationally, and some of the findings may surprise you.

Of those surveyed, an overall 74 percent — nearly three out of four parents — admitted that they'd rather their teen smoke weed than drink alcohol (of that 74 percent, 58.3 percent were nonusers and 90.6 percent smoked themselves). Project Know also categorized the parents polled by gender and political affiliations, but the majority of each category still preferred their teen smoking pot over drinking, if they had to choose one over the other.

Which begs the question: how do American parents beyond this group of 1,000 feel? Let us know your thoughts below.

If you had to choose — would you rather your teen smoke pot or drink alcohol?
Pot, for sure.
Definitely alcohol.
Source: Project Know
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