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Why You Shouldn't Have Sex Right After You Have a Baby

1 Mom Perfectly Sums Up What Sex Right After Giving Birth Is Actually Like

Sex After Baby - How Soon Is Too Soon?

*New Video* How quickly did you get back in the saddle after having a baby??? Please say it's not just me!

Posted by Riona O Connor on Friday, July 7, 2017

If you've ever tried a little hanky-panky with your partner soon after giving birth, you'll be able to relate all too well to mommy vlogger Riona O'Connor's viral video on getting intimate postbirth. And though it's pretty standard to wait at least six weeks until you start getting it on again, some daredevils test the waters a little early . . . and, according to O'Connor, sorely regret it.

O'Connor dives right into the matter in her video, opening with a situation every new mommy has been in: "There comes a time a few weeks after you've given birth, you're in a room with all of your new mommy friends and some brave soul asks the question: has anyone had sex yet?" And after a brief but noticeable hush falls over the mom-only crowd, everyone starts chatting at once. Why you ask? Because "NO ONE HAS!" O'Connor joked.

Then the mommy blogger got personal about her own recent experience in the bedroom postpartum. "OK hands up, I attempted it! Fool! What was I thinking? 2.5 seconds into doing the deed and two things happened," she laughed. "You know how it's like a lava flow?" — aka the discharge every woman experiences postbaby — "Once that stopped we discovered that downstairs is as dry as the Sahara Desert," she said.

And to make matters worse, the baby woke up as soon as they started, because of course he did. He's a baby, after all.

O'Connor even goes as far as comparing her lady parts to a roadway and a store. "If my vagina was a motorway, there would have been a sign up saying 'NO THROUGH ROAD.' If it was a shop, there would have been a sign up going 'CLOSED.'"

The big takeaway from her experience? "Mother nature is a badass who created those drought conditions for a reason," she said. So don't test that powerful force of nature and don't feel pressure to get back in the saddle if you aren't ready, she added. "We need to stop pressuring ourselves to have sex straight after you have a baby," added the mommy vlogger. "I hear people saying they're worried their partners are going without."

She advises waiting it out, partner and all, unless your body gives you the green light to go at it again. And if you're truly an eager beaver, a whole lot of Vaseline might do the trick.


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