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Woman Explains Why Moms Need to Stop Feeling Guilty

This Mom's Message to "Keep Walking" Is So Important For Stressed-Out Parents

Having kids means that the time between when you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow at night can seem like a never-ending to-do list. But mother of three Jordan Harrell has an important reminder for women who never seem to slow down: make some time for yourself, and don't feel guilty about it for one second.

Harrell explain in a Facebook post that once you enter motherhood it's hard to shake the feeling of being constantly needed for something:

When you and your husband finally make plans to go on a much-needed date, just the two of you, and you tip-toe out of grandma's house just in time to hear the wails coming from the other side of the door . . .

Keep walking, mama.

When you've spent two hours getting everyone dressed and fed and hair brushed for church and have assigned 14 timeouts, broken up 11 fights, and shouted, "WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES" 27 times before you've even had time to turn on the coffee maker. When there's no time left for you to shower so you dry shampoo the heck out of a top-knot and grab your makeup bag to do it in the car. When you arrive wondering why the hell you make the effort in the first place and feeling a lot hypocritical for all the yelling and impatience and your little one starts crying as soon as you pull into the parking lot. When bible class drop off is JUST as awful as you think it's going to be and you look at your husband and he tries to comfort you by saying, "They'll stop eventually" . . .

Keep walking, mama.

When the littlest wakes up mad at everything and hating everyone and crying about nothing in particular and you consider calling a priest to cleanse the house and you just need a break so you put him in his crib and let him cry and take a quick step outside for just a few deep breaths...

Keep walking, mama.

When you haven't worked out in months (years?) because #ugh and you finally muster up the motivation and courage to go and you walk up to the childcare counter and hand your toddler over and your pretty sure the whole workout facility can hear the bloodcurdling screams and you see a glint of fear in the college-aged worker's eyes . . .

Keep walking, mama.

She reassures parents that no matter if your head's telling you to turn back and forgo your night out, you deserve a little time to yourself now and again. And as much as leaving our kids behind can hurt, it can benefit them too: "Do not look back. Do not feel guilty. There is no guilt in taking time for yourself. They are loved. They are cared for. They are fine. They are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence and you are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence. You need this. You deserve this."

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