Newborns Received Festive Baby Yoda Hats For Christmas at a Pennsylvania Hospital

Courtesy of UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

We hope The Mandalorian is feeling the holiday spirit, because there's more than one Baby Yoda this holiday season. In honor of its festive newborns, one hospital has gifted each of its babies with their own hand-crocheted Baby Yoda Christmas hats, and they look absolutely adorable! Caitlin Pechin, a nurse at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital — aka the same hospital that dressed its babies up in Mister Rogers sweaters — took it upon herself to create the Christmas-themed hats, which feature little green ears that look like they belong to the internet's favorite space baby.

"I think their holidays are going to be out-of-this-world."

"We love to celebrate the birth of our babies with their families and it's just wonderful to see our parents look at their babies in these adorable little outfits and share them with everyone on social media and the internet," said Patty Genday, Magee's chief nursing officer and vice president of Patient Care Services. "Every day at Magee, we celebrate the birth of babies, and this holiday tradition probably began decades ago when we dressed our babies in stockings. We have such a wonderful creative staff here, that it has just transitioned to many different celebrations."

The parents of these lucky newborns were just as excited as the hospital staff, especially Bri and Sean McGowan, two huge Star Wars fans and the parents to newborn Jackson River McGowan, who received one of the special holiday hats. "I was so excited," said Bri. "I mean, it's so cute. It's so beautiful."

It's this kind of excitement that inspires Magee and nurses like Caitlin to continue this heartwarming holiday tradition. "I think it's amazing that [the parents are] already in here having a baby, having probably one of the greatest moments of their life," Caitlin said. "And I think they really enjoy having these extra events going on, especially if their baby gets to be a part of it. They will always be able to see that for years to come . . . I think their holidays are going to be out-of-this-world." Keep scrolling to see all the adorable photos of the newborn Baby Yodas.