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First Day of School Photos Amid Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

9 Funny Photos That Prove How Crazy Back-to-School Season Is in 2020

The One With the Extra Precautions

Whether your family is adjusting to a new normal of hybrid learning or the kids are heading back to traditional school with a slew of new safety measures to abide by, it's become obvious that the fall is going to look different this year. While many of our back-to-school customs are being put on hold, parents are still commemorating this yearly milestone by snapping photos.

In the true what-the-heck-is-going-on spirit of 2020, some families are having a little fun with their annual picture tradition. From taking photos outside Starbucks in pajamas to holding funny signs that display the struggles of virtual learning, we're happy to see that parents are using a little humor to navigate these uncertain times. Ahead, get a look at some of the best back-to-school pictures we've seen so far.

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