First-Time Parents Will Want to Bookmark These Baby Hacks From TikTok

It's no secret: bringing a new bundle of joy into the world comes with a serious learning curve. While many new parents rely on their support systems and good ol' trial and error to get the basics down, instructional videos that offer clever tricks to make life with a baby easier are seriously godsend.

Fortunately, many seasoned moms have taken to TikTok to share some of their best tips and advice for taking care of their little ones. Whether you're looking for an easier way to carry your child's car seat or want to master tummy time, these hacks for taking care of infants are simply brilliant. Scroll ahead to see some of our favorite handy tricks on TikTok.

A Hack For Taking Photos of Your Baby

Simply attaching your kiddos' favorite stuffed animal to your camera strap is an easy way to hold their attention.

A Hack For Keeping Teething Pain in Check

This mom says giving little ones a piece of mango with some meat on it will keep teething pain at bay.

A Hack For Comfortably Carrying Your Baby in Their Car Seat

Change up how you carry your child's car seat to avoid having the plastic rub against your legs!

A Hack For Keeping Babies Busy in Their High Chairs

Give little ones something exciting to do while you're prepping dinner by DIYing a colorful sensory bag that will keep 'em occupied.

A Hack For Getting Chores Done While You’re Watching Your Baby

We all have chores to do! And there's no better way to keep littles occupied than putting up a swing in the area of the house you're in the most.

A Hack For Babies With Gas Pains

Help your infant relieve gas pain by trying out these simple exercises.

A Pacifier Hack For Babies Who Have Teeth Coming In

Make frozen pacifier pops for babies whose teeth are growing in.

A Hack For Babies Who Don't Particularly Enjoy Tummy Time

Parents with littles who don't like tummy time will love trying out these easy tips!

A Hack For Babies Who Are Meeting Pets For the First Time

Use an indoor fence to slowly introduce your bundles of joy to the family pet! We have a feeling they're warm up to each other in no time.

A Hack For Teething Babies Who Need a Snack

Spread a bit of avocado on a baby teething cracker for a nutritious midday snack.

A Hack For Babies Who Constantly Drop Their Sippy Cups

A handy Cup Catcher ($18) ensures your kiddo's cup stays off the floor!