You'll Want to Steal This Mom's Affordable Hack For Helping Kids Learn at Home

Facebook | Angelina Harper

Mom of three Angelina Harper knew she had to get creative when it came to setting up her family's space for virtual learning. But rather than going out and dropping hundreds of dollars on new furniture, Angelina came up with a savvy way to ensure her kids stay focused: by making them each a dedicated work area out of poster board. Both affordable and functional, Angelina did parents everywhere a major solid by sharing the concept to Facebook.

"I've been contemplating a new workspace in our house for [non-traditional instruction (NTI)] 2.0. I've looked and almost bought 3 new desks for the kids," said Angelina, noting that she's often preoccupied with the thought of rearranging her basement. "My mind has been all over the place because 1) I will be working from home, 2) my husband is working from home and 3) THREE kids in NTI."

Although Angelina admits they have enough space to fit everyone comfortably in their basement, giving each family member some much-needed peace and quiet is certainly a challenge. "They would have to move if mommy or daddy had meetings and that would just be too much. Long(er) story short, I saw this and thought YESSSS this could work! Individual workspace, limited distractions, visuals, [and] portable," she said, noting that its a great option for families who need flexible seating from time to time. "Sooo cute! WIN!!"

Ahead, get a look at the dedicated areas Angelina has created using poster board for each of her kiddos. We can't get enough of this affordable idea that's perfect for small spaces!