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Best Family Spring Break Destinations 2020

13 Family Spring Break Destinations That Will Only Get Better in 2020

Best Family Spring Break Destinations 2020

To me, the perfect Spring break destination for a family is one where kids can have fun and parents can relax, all at the same time. Before kids, I traveled as far as I could as often as I could. Things got a bit more complicated after I became a parent, and vacations came with more stress than fun in the sun. Packing became a major operation and travel time itself could be a nightmare. Once we settled at our lodging, I found myself doing essentially the same things I did at home, like changing diapers and brushing everyone's teeth, just in a different place.

All that said, Spring break has remained a special and enjoyable time for family travel. I love how this vacation time arrives right when the school year starts to drag. The break is short and sweet, so I find myself soaking in every moment instead of stressing. While I haven't settled on our 2020 Spring break destination quite yet, I have a few ideas in the works, including the lovely spots ahead! Keep reading to get inspired for your trip.

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