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B.J. Novak Is Dressing Up as Santa For Mindy Kaling's Kids

B.J. Novak Is a Major Part of Mindy Kaling's Christmas Tradition, Red Suit and All!

Apparently, B.J. Novak is going to be a staple of Mindy Kaling's annual Christmas tradition. In an interview with Tory Burch, the mom of two shared how her former The Office co-star and godfather to her daughter, 3-year-old Katherine — who recently became a big sister to 3-month-old Spencer — will be dressing up as Santa this year.

"What's fun about when you have your own kids is you can kind of make stuff up and then just decide that you're gonna do that every single year," she said. "This year, what I think we're going to do is my daughter and I are going to make cookies and apple cider and we're gonna be in the kitchen," Kaling said. "And then, her godfather is B.J. Novak, and he is going to show up and go to our living room — where the tree is — in a Santa costume."

Obviously, this tradition is all about the execution, and because Mindy wasn't able to take her kids to see Santa at the mall this year, she's really hoping it all comes together. "We're gonna be baking cookies and then all of a sudden we're going to hear bells from another room and I'm going to go, 'Kit, what do you think that is?'" said Mindy.

If all goes according to plan, Katherine will walk in and see B.J. dressed as Santa sleeping on the couch with a bag in hand because he "needed to take a rest," which is a pretty clever concept. "It's so complicated why Santa was there, why he's taking a nap," Mindy said. "But we're gonna do that. We're like, 'Will she know it's [B.J.] on some level?' We don't know."

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