A 4-Year-Old Was Nervous About His First Day of School, So His Bus Driver Held His Hand

We can always count on the first day of school to induce a jumble of excited, nervous, and jittery emotions. Thankfully for 4-year-old Axel Johnson, who was having a little trouble getting in the mood for his first day, a kind-hearted bus driver was there to offer up some encouragement for him. Earlier this month, the Augusta Police Department took to its official Facebook page to share a sweet photo of a bus driver holding the visibly shaken young boy's hand during the bus ride to school.

"I could see that he really didn't want to let his mom go," the bus driver, Isabel Lane, told Good Morning America. "It was just a natural reaction to give him my hand in hopes that it would calm some of those first-day jitters." Isabel also told WEAU that Axel appeared excited as she was driving to pick him up at the bus stop, but things changed once he finally got on the bus.

"[His mom] had set him down in the seat and he kept trying to grab for her as she was trying to get off the bus so I just stuck my hand behind the seat," she said. "I didn't think it was that big of a deal personally just I guess it's just something that I would do." Since posting the moment online, the photo has pulled in over 1,000 reactions and around 300 shares.