Cardi B Fans Have a Lot to Say After Seeing Kulture's Jam-Packed School Lunches

Kulture Kiari Cephus is eating real good. On May 23, Cardi B shared a peek at her 4-year-old daughter's school lunches on Twitter, and they're far more expansive than a simple PB&J and Capri Sun. One photo shows a whole spread packed away in various plastic containers, including a heaping serving of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, broccoli, mixed fruit β€” nope, we're not done yet β€” cereal, veggie straws, and Froot Loops-flavored milk. Talk about solid food-group representation.

Another five-course lunch features rigatoni with tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, Froot Loops, chopped fruit, two string cheeses, crackers, a Jell-O cup, Yoo-hoo, a GoGo Squeez fruit pouch, and a Kool-Aid Jammers drink to wash it all down. "Kulture school lunch be everything," Cardi wrote while tweeting the photos. Check out the kid-friendly feasts for yourself.

Kulture school lunch be everything 🍎

β€” Cardi B (@iamcardib) May 23, 2023

The post has stirred up quite a lot of buzz, with nearly 3,000 followers sharing mixed reactions in the comments. Some expressed jealousy over Kulture's jam-packed meals, while others wondered how on earth she finishes every item in the allotted lunchtime break at school. "LMFAOOOO wtf how long do she b there for??" one person joked. A few haters even voiced concerns over Kulture's lunches being "unhealthy," but one fan came to Cardi's defense, writing, "Only on Twitter can you hit literally almost every food group every single day (I'm assuming) which is very important for toddlers, and people will still find a way to critique your parenting. Cardi, you're doing great."

Cardi and Offset's son, Wave, is turning 2 this year, so we still have a few more years until we see how his school lunches stack up in comparison. But if they're anything like his big sister's, we're predicting his classmates will be pining to make lunch-table trades.