This Dad's Reaction to His Daughter Drinking "Mimosas" in the Bathtub Made My Week

Sinking into a hot bubble bath with a cocktail at the end of a long day can relieve a lot of stress, and one dad on TikTok had a good laugh when he discovered the elaborate set up his 11-year-old daughter had laid out for herself to unwind after school. "I think maybe my little girl had a bad day at school today, or maybe she's just got a lot on her mind — I mean, stressful day for an 11-year-old, I guess," said Brandon Rainwater, aka @brandon_rainwater on TikTok, as he carried his phone around the bathroom to show the relaxing scene. "I heard the water running, so I came up here to turn the water off. This is what I see — let me show y'all."

Biting back laughter, Brandon showed off a cheese plate — complete with a Snickers bar and a pack of Twizzlers for that sweet-salty combo — resting on the edge of the sud-filled bathtub. "But this is where I don't know what's going on," he said. "Who — I mean — who showed my little girl how to make mimosas?! Look at this: sparkling grape juice and orange juice. You know if you mix them together that's mimosas! Who's been drinking mimosas with my little girl?" The dad went on to point out that the bottle of sparkling grape juice wasn't his daughter's first, pulling the first empty bottle from its place on the soap shelf as proof. Kudos to her for the creativity!

Despite recording the scene for TikTok, Brandon said he had no plans to call his daughter out in person for her hilarious — yet, truly adorable — bubble bath set up. "I ain't gonna say nothing. I'm gonna let her do her thing. We all get stressed out sometimes and we need to eat a cheese plate and drink mimosas," Brandon said, ultimately failing to hold back his laughter. Watch the full video here.