Please Allow Dascha Polanco to Explain Why Ending Hunger Starts at the Ballot Box

Dascha Polanco is ensuring voices are heard and healthy meals are accessible before and after the 2020 election. The Orange Is the New Black actress has teamed up with Knorr on a new campaign that is tackling food insecurity across the country by encouraging voter registration and eventual change to the food system. The #FeedTheVote campaign will guarantee that the 54 million Americans facing food insecurity have the resources to cast their ballots and also have access to healthy meals, and it's a campaign especially close to Dascha's heart.

"As someone who knows what it feels like to not know where your next meal is coming from, I was inspired to do everything in my power to draw attention to the difference we can make by voting," Dascha said in a press release. "I'm excited to partner with Knorr to educate Americans about the power of their vote and the steps they can take to becoming part of the solution in ending food insecurity."

Knorr has joined forces with UnidosUS and Feeding America to help register voters and help families access free healthy meals on their website. "We believe everyone should have access to affordable and nutritious food. As we strive to make that belief a reality through our products and recipes, we know that food access is a government funding issue — and thus, a voting issue," a representative for Knorr said. "We're committed to encouraging everyone to register to vote and enabling Americans to impact policy that help their family eat healthier."

By helping register voters, Knorr is doubling down on the importance of food security being a priority for elected officials both on the local and national level.