Dax Shepard Bragging That He Gets to See Frozen 2 Before All of Us Is Actually the Cutest

Adorable husband alert! Fans of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell already know how amazing the pair are as a married couple, but Dax's latest Instagram post brings their level of cute to a whole other level. In the photo, Dax can be see giving a life-size statue of Kristen's Frozen character, Princess Anna, a cheeky smooch, which is sweet enough, but his caption is what brought us over the edge. "Bad news to all my moto-buddies and gearhead bros, I'm seeing Frozen 2 before y'all!!!!!" Aw!

Kristen revealed in August that her and Dax's two kidsLincoln and Delta — already know the full plot of Frozen 2 ahead of its Nov. 22 release, so we'd imagine Dax does as well. But that doesn't make his supportive post — and his and Anna's little rendezvous — any less adorable, that's for damn sure!