Watch Dax Shepard Welcome Parents to the Seventh Circle of Hell, aka the "PAW Patrol Years"

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For families with little kids, it may seem like the PAW Patrol theme song is always playing somewhere in the house, even if it's just stuck in your head. Recently, the people behind the PAW Patrol Official & Friends YouTube channel recruited father of two Dax Shepard to playfully show fellow parents some of the pitfalls that come with having PAW Patrol fans at home.

In the video, Dax sarcastically welcomes parents to "the PAW Patrol years," while dressed in various adult-size costumes. "I'm so jealous of you, that you don't know, and you get to discover it for the first time," he said of the show, noting that in the episodes the characters put out fires and rescue chickens, among other things. "When the episode ends the fun just begins, as your children invite you to reenact the entire rescue, no matter how jacked your knees are. It's so fun."

Dax also has a message for parents who think their kids will never be interested in PAW Patrol: the obsession is inevitable. "I'm sorry, your kid isn't into PAW Patrol," he said through laughter. "It's not a choice, it just happens. So I recommend you strap in, learn the theme song, and sing it quietly as you cry yourself to sleep every night."

Watch the full video to see what's really in store for your family. And FYI parents: a PAW Patrol movie is hitting the big screen in 2021, so prepare your little ones!