Watch Dwayne Johnson's 2-Year-Old Daughter Hilariously Attempt to "Clean" His Muscles

As if we weren't already aware of just how cute Dwayne Johnson's 2-year-old is, the actor shared a video that served as further proof of his daughter Tiana's adorable charm. In a clip posted to his Instagram on Jan. 10, the toddler first handed her dad his "favorite kitty kat," Pupples, for him to snuggle with and proceeded to cover his eyes with a sleep mask.

Tiana then instructed him to stay blindfolded for 20 minutes while she hilariously "cleaned" her dad's muscles to get rid of the "germies." Her unwavering focus as she brushed Dwayne's arm with a toy comb is truly amusing. "Usually I like Mommy to clean my muscles," Dwayne joked. "Just love that regardless of how busy we all may be - moments like this makes time slow down to a crawl," the father of three wrote in his caption. "Hey, I'll take it... my business can wait." Check out the sweet clip above to see the father-daughter duo's playful moment.