Gabrielle Union Tried the "Fruit Snack Challenge" With Kaavia, and It Was a Hilarious Fail

Some days you have the patience of Stormi Webster and other days you seize the moment, like Kaavia James. Gabrielle Union recently shared a cute Instagram video of her 1-year-old daughter trying out the "Fruit Snack Challenge," and it hilariously backfired as quickly as it started.

Gabrielle traded the traditional fruit snacks for Bitsy's Brain Food, since it's a favorite for Kaavia. Gabrielle communicated the "rules" to her kid: she has to wait to eat until mom returns. Welp, Kaavia had other plans and quickly jumped up to grab her food before Gabrielle even had a chance to leave the room. Hey, you can't blame her for knowing what she wants! Watch the funny video below to see Kaavia take the challenge. Some might call it a fail, but isn't Kaavia the winner in the end?