Tired Gabrielle Union Was Ready For an Afternoon Nap, Then — Knock, Knock — Dwyane and Kaavia Showed Up

You know what you don't have time for as a new mom? Yourself. And that includes everything from self-care, to going to the gym, to sleeping. So when new mom Gabrielle Union took a break from shooting yesterday to head to her trailer to rest, she jumped on her couch and was ready to close her eyes and get a little recovery nap in; those moments are precious.

But wouldn't you know it, just as soon as she was ready to get some REM sleep, she was interrupted. In a very relatable Instagram post, Gabrielle wrote, "Set visits from @dwyanewade & @kaaviajames . . . I was supposed to be catching a midday nap." And her facial expression said it all. Kaavia clearly had other plans for her mom's afternoon and was ready to play!

Gabrielle recently wrote about the importance of learning to just go with the flow as a parent, and, well, this is definitely one of those moments!