I Can't Stop Watching These Grandparents Who "Needed to Party" Dance on Their Porch

Alisa Renee and her son Michael have been checking on her parents daily to make sure they have everything they need. It's been five weeks since they've left their house at all, so on one of Alisa and Michael's recent visits, she found that what her parents needed was to get down with some '90s music. In a video shared to Twitter, Alisa's parents can be seen dancing together on their front porch as "Joy & Pain" by Maze and Frankie Beverly plays from her car in the street.

"My parents are 75 and 84. My son & I do frequent drive-by visits to make sure they have what they need," Alisa wrote on Twitter. "Today, I guess they needed to party."

Don't we all? Watch the full video on a loop above, and in the words of Alisa, "Come on Pop-Pop, boogie!"