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Watch the Holderness Family's "Why We Need Teachers" Video

Mom's Painfully Relatable Homeschooling Spoof Proves Why Teachers Are Freakin' Superheroes

This Is Why We Need Teachers

Listen, you know how teachers are smart, fun, and organized? I am none of those things 🤷

Posted by The Holderness Family on Monday, August 17, 2020

Teachers are freakin' superheroes, and the Holdernesses are making sure they get the recognition they deserve during this strange back-to-school season. The matriarch of the funny family, Kim, recently filmed a video titled "This Is Why We Need Teachers" to show her support and appreciation for educators everywhere, and the entire spoof will have parents nodding and saying, "same." Her homeschooling spoof starts, of course, at the coffee machine, where she tells her son, "School starts when this is done. No talky till Mommy finish coffee." She then gives him a taste of what he's in for, saying, "Listen, I know your previous teachers have been fun, smart, organized . . . I'm none of those things, but I also lack patience." Hah!

Kim then shares a peek inside her "top-notch" curriculum, which includes watching Hamilton for history class and learning dance choreography for PE. Sounds pretty productive to us! The mother of two ends the video on a serious note, thanking teachers for their hard work and dedication. "The fact that teachers now have to be prepared to teach in person and online and find ways to communicate with their students in a meaningful way, I am in awe of you, I respect you, and we are so thankful for you, because, as you know, if I were in charge, my kids would watch a lot of Hamilton, and we'd call that school." Amen to that!

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