My Heart Is Melting Watching James Van Der Beek and His Daughter Annabel Do a Samba Routine

James Van Der Beek is still crushing it week after week on Dancing With the Stars, and his 5-year-old daughter, Annabel, has been a huge fan of his performances, so much so that she asked to be his dance partner and re-create her dad's Week 6 performance. In an Instagram post on Friday, James shared a video of himself standing on his knees — because of the noticeable height difference — and doing a shorter version of his samba routine from the show, dips and spins included.

From the adorable smile on her face to the flourish in that final dip, it's clear that Annabel is having a fantastic time and absolutely nailing the routine. "The request to re-create Week 6's samba made how hard it was to learn 100 percent worth it — and then some," James captioned the video. My heart! See the full, supersweet routine here, and prepare for your heart to melt just a little.