Hoda Kotb's Reaction to Jenna Bush Hager's Daughter Popping Into Their Call Is Hilarious

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager have been filming their Today show segments from home, but on April 14, Jenna had a miniguest join their "con-friends-call." Because Jenna moving closer to her wireless router meant sitting in a room that was "risky," in the middle of chatting with Hoda, Jenna's 7-year-old daughter, Mila, popped her head into the call.

It wasn't exactly a "BBC Dad" situation seeing as tons of parents are working from home with kids underfoot, but Hoda's adorable reaction to seeing Mila proves it's still pretty funny to see unexpected "coworkers" in work-from-home conference calls.

In the middle of Hoda talking about what dating couples are experiencing amid this pandemic, Mila slowly slid her head in front of the camera, and Hoda immediately lost it. "I told you it was risky!" Jenna told a laughing Hoda. "When I chose this place, I knew there could be a sneaker! This is not a closed-off location." Once Hoda stopped laughing, she realized Mila was in her full school uniform, and it turns out there's a hilarious reason for it. "You know why we wear it?" Jenna told her. "We wear it five days a week, we take if off, and we're not doing as much laundry!" Genius.

Then, with Mila in the room, the pair effortlessly shifted from talking relationship hurdles to baking boxed brownies (a superior topic, in our opinion) as Mila braided Jenna's hair. See the whole segment in the video above — Mila is clearly the breakout star, but Hoda and Jenna's friendship is always our favorite part of any Today With Hoda & Jenna clip.