J Lo and ARod Had an Early-2000s Hip-Hop Dance Party at Home, and Wow, FOMO

Y'know, the idea of FOMO hasn't really crossed my mind the past few months, but that all changed when I saw Jennifer Lopez's latest Instagram post. On Thursday morning, the star shared video footage of the previous evening's shenanigans: a family dance party at home in an exclusive locale she nicknamed Club Basement. I mean, I guess it's understandable I didn't score an invite, what with stay-home orders still in place, but still . . . the FOMO doth overfloweth.

In the two-part clip, J Lo breaks it down alongside Alex Rodriguez; her daughter, Emme; his daughter Ella; and his nephew, White Sox pitcher Nick Silva. The soundtrack for their at-home dance sesh? A collection of early-2000s hip-hop tunes, including Nelly's "Dilemma," OutKast's "Ms. Jackson," and 50 Cent's "In Da Club." Seeing as Emme and Ella were both born in 2008, they didn't seem to recognize some of the tracks, including Eve's "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Always on Time" by Ja Rule and Ashanti. Meanwhile, J Lo knew every single song, as evidenced by her high-energy lip-syncing and grooving to the lyrics, which peaked when she dramatically shoved Emme to the side as soon as Ludacris's "Move B*tch" came on. I mean, she was simply doing what the lyrics told her to — sorry, Emme!

When Jennifer shared the video on her Instagram, she captioned it, "These bops had me hype! ✨✨ Party in Club Basement with Alex, Lulu, Ella Bella and Nick!" ARod posted a shorter snippet on his own page, too, writing, "Party in 'Club Basement' 🎉 !!! DJs Ella & Emme droppin some beats." The Rodriguez-Lopez clan have certainly been keeping things fun at home lately, and I'm taking all the notes.