Jimmy Fallon's 2 Daughters Are Rightfully Convinced That The Tonight Show Is Theirs Now

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Nearly two months into filming The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, Jimmy Fallon's two daughters are rightfully convinced that the show is theirs and that they have free rein to override their dad's requests of them while he's filming. In the middle of an interview with Ethan Hawke, you hear one of Jimmy's daughters scream "Daddy!" as the other screams "No!" and Jimmy immediately looks up at his girls off-screen and says: "Don't you come over here. Do not come over here now!"

Reader, they ran right up to the camera, in fits of giggles — and as their dad tries to casually introduce them as if they're cooperating, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Franny begin climbing on his desk and positioning their entire faces in front of the camera, so that they take up the full screen. Jimmy can be heard in the background, defeated: "Where's me? I'm out of the whole picture."

Sorry, Jimmy, but honestly, Winnie and Franny are who we really came to see. Since the beginning of filming at home, Jimmy's daughters have soaked up their time on camera with their dad and have really shown viewers their vibrant personalities. From hilariously ignoring their dad's jokes during a nine-minute monologue one day to consistently heckling him through his opening speech during another episode, these girls have definitely kept the late-night show host on his toes.

Watch the full interview above, or cut to one minute in to see the real stars of the show take over.