Justin Timberlake Finally Shared His and Jessica Biel's Baby Son's Name Months After His Birth

Although the news of their second baby's arrival was speculated upon in late 2020, Justin Timberlake has officially confirmed that he and Jessica Biel are parents of two! In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the father of two shared his baby son's adorable name, Phineas, for the first time. And seriously, how well does that flow with Justin and Jessica's oldest son's name, Silas?!

While Silas was named as a nod to Justin's grandfather and great-grandfather, it's unclear whether Phineas is a family name or just something that the couple loved. Unlike Silas, Phineas hasn't appeared in the Social Security Administration's top 1,000 names at any point since 1900, making it a more unique choice. We're unsure whether Phineas has a middle name like his older brother — Silas shares his middle name, Randall, with Justin — but we do know he already has a sweet nickname: Phin!

Although this celebrity family are pretty private when it comes to their kids, we've seen glimpses of Silas here and there and hope to get a peek at Phineas soon, especially since Justin says he's "so cute."