The Real Reason Kaavia James Tells Her Mom, Gabrielle Union, to "Please Stop Crying" Is Hilarious

Even when her mom, Gabrielle Union, is crying, Kaavia James manages to make her — and all of us — laugh. In an adorable video the actress first shared to TikTok, then Instagram, Gabrielle is seen shedding some (fake) tears, and 3-year-old Kaavia reacts by telling her mom to "please stop crying." But not necessarily because she doesn't want to see her mom sad . . . it's just that it's interrupting playtime.

"Mommy, don't sad," Kaavia sweetly says in the clip. "Please stop crying. No crying!" She also adds, "Don't make a sad face, you can't do that," as she peels Gabrielle's hands away from her face and wipes her tears. "I'll make a happy face," Gabrielle finally says, asking, "Just fake it till I make it?," to which Kaavia hilariously responds by simply continuing to play on the couch. Who else could watch this little toddler all day long? Check out the silly video in full ahead.