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Kathryn Hahn Embarrassed Her Kids With WandaVision Rehearsal

Kathryn Hahn's Kids Were Mortified to See Her Rehearse For WandaVision: "Oh My God, Mom!"

Disney+'s WandaVision is a must-watch Marvel series, but Kathryn Hahn had to work to impress her children with the show. The actress (recently revealed to be the show's villainous witch Agatha Harkness) told Late Night host Seth Meyers that her kids, Leonard, 14, and Mae, 11, were absolutely mortified to catch her rehearsing for the role.

"My children came in and saw me practicing, and it was as if they had seen me just get out of the shower," she said. "They literally were like, 'Oh my god, Mom!'" Kathryn said they were "so embarrassed" to see her practice her "witch moves" from the show. Luckily, the kids' uneasiness went away when WandaVision premiered and they could see all the hype it got. "I'm just so glad that now they're suspiciously a little bit nicer to me, so I know that it's been landing a little cooler," she joked.

Catch Kathryn's full conversation with Seth above to hear all about her family's WandaVision feelings and the philanthropic job they've picked up during the pandemic: fostering kittens!

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