Keke Palmer's Approach to Motherhood Is a Reminder That Being a Mom Can Be Fun

Keke Palmer is thriving as a new mom. On Feb. 25, she gave birth to her son, Leodis Andrellton, whom she shares with boyfriend Darius Jackson. And according to Vanity Fair, the pregnancy was an "incredibly fun ride" for both first-time parents.

And we believe it. Since announcing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live on Dec 3, 2022, the "Big Boss" star has been sharing photos and videos of her journey to motherhood, and each one has given the same high excitement and energy that Palmer brings to all of the roles in her life.

From how she found out she was pregnant to discovering a personal "cure" for acne thanks to hormonal shifts, this was just the beginning of the adventure. Now that her little boy is home from the hospital, the performer is keeping us up to date with matching PJ sets and how she's loving her postpartum body.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Palmer revealed her favorite part of motherhood so far. "I think it's our mornings," Palmer shared. "Our alone time together. I really love that moment. I just get to look at my mook. We do a little singing and song and talking. He's laughing. He's smiling. And he's a little sleepy, so, I don't have to hear them cries."

We can't wait to follow along with the relatable new parent as she keeps us entertained and validated through all the milestones of parenthood. Ahead, check out all of Palmer's sweetest moments since becoming a mom.

Embracing the Small Moments, and Setting an Example For Her Son

What's Palmer's favorite part of being a mom? "I think it's our mornings," she told Entertainment Tonight at the Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala, where she was awarded the Vanguard Award for her commitment to LGBTQ+ activism. "Our alone time together. I really love that moment. I just get to look at my mook. We do a little singing and song and talking. He's laughing. He's smiling. And he's a little sleepy, so, I don't have to hear them cries."

Enjoying Her Postpartum Body

Palmer really said, snapback culture? Never heard of it. In a behind-the-scenes clip of her getting ready for a photo shoot, the star hyped herself up in front of a vanity while celebrating her new postpartum body. She credits her son for the transformation. "Hips? NEVER HAD EM'! Boobs? Never had em'! Booty? BARELY. Thanks son. 😭," Palmer wrote in the caption of an April post. In a video accompanying the post, Palmer said, "I'm about to let y'all know that he gave me something else: b-b-body! Down!" As the clip continued to roll, she zoomed in on her hips and chest, turning to showcase her curves. "Get into it," she said. "Get into it 'cause period."

Learning to "Balance It All" as a New Mom

Nearly one month into parenthood, Palmer briefed her millions of Instagram followers on what life's been like as a new mom. "Mommy'ing is coming along if you were looking for an update," she wrote in a caption on March 20. "I have juggled quite a few careers but this is my greatest gig of all. Learning how to balance it all and looking forward to discovering this new person I am becoming. I will never be the same again, but if you thought I was a bad mama jamma before, you can't imagine the greater purpose my son has given my life! It's giving, SUPER SAIYAN."

Making Sweet Memories With Matching PJs

Palmer kept her relationship with boyfriend Darius Jackson largely out of the spotlight before they became parents together. Now, she's sharing matching PJ pics of her little family on Twitter.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight what she loves about seeing Jackson as a dad, she revealed it was his "attentiveness" that surprised her. "I guess that's what you want all fathers to be. But it's even more than I expected it. I just really am grateful to have such an amazing partner to do this with."

She continued, "I think that is obviously why we had the kid together. I saw way before that he had the dedication, the patience and the discipline to be an amazing dad, and that's why I wanted to have my baby with him."

Leaning Into the Chaos of Being a New Parent

The couple announced the birth of their son in a slideshow of hectic selfies on Instagram in late February. In the caption, Palmer announced their son's name and its special connection to his birthday. "Born during Black History Month, with a name to match πŸ˜„!" she wrote. "LEODIS ANDRELLTON JACKSON, welcome to the world baby Leo."

Prioritizing "Rest" Ahead of Motherhood

In a vulnerable Instagram post, Palmer gave a sneak peek into where her head was at during her baby moon. Explaining that her dad is her inspiration for her work ethic, Palmer also acknowledged the importance of breaks. "I don't think giving or sacrificing are bad things, it's who I am and that will never change. [B]ut every season we are meant to embrace something new." She continued, explaining that this season was dedicated to learning how to "take it easy" β€” something every new parent deserves to discover.